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Metrobank Platinum MasterCard

Live ahead. You deserve it.


Chip Card

  1. Your Metrobank Card has an embedded chip that can protect you from credit card fraud due to cloning – an occurrence when your personal and account information are copied and transferred to a fake card. Frequently Asked Questions.

FREE 1st Supplementary Card

  1. Enjoy a perpetually waived annual fee for your first assigned supplementary card so you can share all Metrobank Platinum MasterCard credit card privileges for free. Succeeding supplementary cards will be subject to an annual fee of Php1,750 each. You can assign up to four (4) of your relatives or friends with supplementary cards and have the option of assigning individual monthly spending limits.

MasterCard Global Emergency Service

  1. Get worldwide assistance 24/7 on the following credit card-related needs:
    • Emergency Lost/Stolen Card Reporting
    • Emergency Card Replacement
    • Emergency Cash Advance
  2. To avail of the above services, log on to, go to the MasterCard Global Emergency Service and select from the dropdown menu the country that you are calling from.

24-Hour VIP Concierge Service

  1. With Metrobank Platinum MasterCard's Concierge Service taking care of you, you'll always be assured that there's someone you can depend on to handle things, like getting a reservation at the newest "it" restaurant. Simply dial (632) 8700-777 to avail of any of the following services:
    • Dining Referral and Reservation Assistance
    • Hotel Referral and Reservation Assistance
    • Golf Course Referral and Performance Assistance
    • Car Rental and Limousine Referral and Reservation Assistance
    • Salon Reservation (domestic assistance only)

24-Hour VIP Customer Service

  1. For faster and more personalized service, your Metrobank Platinum MasterCard gives you immediate access to a live customer service officer for any of your credit card concerns. Simply call the following numbers:

    VIP Customer Service (632) 8700-707
    Domestic Toll-free 1-800-10-8700-707
    International Toll-free 800-8-700-0707

Rewards Program

  1. Earn Reward Points each time you use your Metrobank Platinum MasterCard. With our generous Rewards Program, you earn 1 point for every Php20 you spend on your card, so you can be on your way to earning points faster and redeeming exciting items from our rewards catalog.

M Here

  1. Get discounts, free gifts and great deals with your Metrobank Credit Card at our 'M here! partner establishments. 'M here! offers:

Value-Added Services

  1. Supplementary cards: Share your credit card benefits with your loved ones and still manage their spending. Find out more.
  2. Bills2Pay: Pay for your utilities with ease through your Platinum MasterCard. Find out more.
  3. Balance Transfer: Enjoy easy installment payments at low interest rates when you transfer your other card balances to your Platinum MasterCard. Find out more.
  4. Cash2Go: Get fast cash against your credit limit and pay in easy monthly installments using your Metrobank Credit Card. Find out more.
  5. Cash Rush: Get instant cash when you need it via ATM. Find out more.
  6. designmycard: Personalize your credit card with your favorite photo.
  7. Bill Payment: You can pay your credit card bills at any Metrobank or PSBank branch, Metrobank or PSBank ATM or any Bancnet ATM. You can also pay via MetroPhone, Metrobank mobile banking or online at Metrobankdirect and PSBank Remote Banking.


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