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Merchant Acquiring (MACQ) and Payments

We are in the business of providing fast, reliable, and secure payment facilities.Our portfolio of payment solutions includes Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals, Online Payment Gateway, mobile POS, and Loyalty. With our nationwide reachand robust infrastructure and technology, we are well-positioned to assist in growing a merchant’s business.
Enhance Customer Experience
  • Process Visa and MasterCard transactions in a matter of seconds with our cutting-edge terminal fleet.
  • Provide VIP treatment from pay-at-table to priority check out transactions with our wireless terminals. Take the terminal wherever a delivery needs to be made for flexible payment options.
Improve Cash Management
• Enjoy nextday crediting of total credit card sales.
  • Transactions on a Metrobank Card terminal settled by 10:00 PM will automatically be credited to your nominated Metrobank account on the next banking day.
We’ve Got the Basics Covered

• Orientation and Training
  • Upon terminal deployment, Metrobank Card holds sessions with users on Visa and MasterCard acceptance procedures, security features,and the latest fraud prevention tips.
  • Frequent trainings are held for your staff on how to efficiently process card transactions, end-of-day settlement routines, and terminal functions.
• 24/7 Authorization Center
  • Our 24/7 Authorization Center is always there to help with card approval needs.
• Merchant Helpdesk
  • Our Merchant helpdesk can assist merchants for problems encountered and for request for supplies.
• EMV Compliance
  • Our terminals are Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV)chip card-compliant for maximum fraud and chargeback protection. They also accept processing of Visa and MasterCard EMV chip cards.
• Payment Reports
  • We provide regular reports for easier reconciliation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What types of credit cards are accepted by Metrobank POS?
  • Metrobank Card accepts both local and international Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.
What is the minimum monthly credit card sales?What if a merchant does not meet it?
  • Metrobank Card offers variable options to suit your needs. We can also tailor fit our services depending on your business requirements.
Will a merchant be taught how to use the machine?
  • Yes. We will conduct merchant orientation about card acceptance and fraud awareness.
Where can a merchant get terminal supplies?
  • Metrobank Card will provide supplies to a merchant based on Merchant’s Agreement
How will a merchant know that payment has been made?
  • You may check directly your nominated MBTC account. You will also receivepayment reports either via email or registered mail.
When will merchant payments be credited to MBTC accounts?
  • Payments will be credited on the next banking day.
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