MTXT: Balance Inquiry via Text Message Service

Our MTXT number will be updated to 225622 applicable to all networks effective January 4, 2021.

Check your credit card balance using your mobile phone through MTXT!

Just send an SMS using one of the following formats:
  • For Available Balance:               AVAIL<space><16 DIGIT CARD NUMBER>
  • For Outstanding Balance:           OBAL <space><16 DIGIT CARD NUMBER>
  • For Statement Balance:              SBAL <space><16 DIGIT CARD NUMBER>

And send the text message to 225622!

Note: Enrollment is required to avail of this service. Call 88-700-700 for details.

  • I would like to avail of the MTXT facility. How do I process the enrollment?
      MTXT enrollment is available by calling our Customer Service Hotline at 88-700-700 or via our email at [email protected].
  • What balances can I get in MTXT?
      You may get the following balances: Available Balance, Outstanding Balance and, Statement Balance.
  • How will I inquire? What are the required keywords?
      Send an SMS to 225622 (applicable to all networks) using the following formats:
      • For outstanding balance: OBAL<space><16 digit credit card number>
        Example: OBAL 1234567890000000
      • For available balance type: AVAIL<space> <16 digit credit card number>
        Example: AVAIL 1234567890000000
      • For statement balance type: SBAL<space> <16 digit credit card number>
        Example: SBAL 1234567890000000
  • Is there a fee when I use MTXT?
      Regular SMS rates will apply.
  • I had my card replaced recently, do I need to re-enroll?
      No need to re-enroll, MB will auto enroll your new credit card number.
  • I’m a supplementary card, can I also enroll?
      No, the MTXT facility is currently for Principal cardholders only.
  • I’m currently an MTXT subscriber but would like to change my enrolled mobile number. How will I process my request?
      You may update your enrolled mobile number for MTXT calling our Customer Service Hotline at 88-700-700 or sending an email to [email protected].