Department – Unit: Credit Card Sales


The position is primarily responsible for increasing cardholder base through creation, approval, implementation and management of programs of the Sales Program Unit. These initiatives to be developed shall be for credit card acquisition through MBTC, PSBank Customer and/ or Employee Database acquisition, Direct Sales, In-house agencies, partnerships with third party entities and other sources.

Direct Report

No Direct Reports


  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree from a college/university, preferably a graduate of a Marketing or Business course. Some units in MBA or a masteral degree program preferred
  • With 1-2 years’ of sales related experience preferably with specialization in Sales from other Credit Card companies or from the Banking/ Finance industry
  • Have 1-2 years’ experience in handling a Sales Team to check leadership capability and problem solving ability
  • With 1-2 years’ experience in strategizing, finding and creating new ways for Sales approaches
  • Strong working knowledge on MS Word, Excel and Power Point
  • Must be highly driven and flexible with the changing sales environment and demanding targets

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