Metrobank uses M Connect as a proactive tool to enable automated communication platforms and allow cardholders to confirm their payment details or be reminded on their next payment schedule.


  • The principal cardholder will be contacted primarily via call and undergo a customer verification process to ensure that Metrobank is speaking to the correct party.
  • As soon as the identity is verified, the cardholder will be asked to use his/her phone’s keypad to confirm his/her latest payment details or the next payment schedule. The messages are fully automated in order to guide the cardholder.
  • For additional queries, the cardholder may opt to transfer the call and speak to a Metrobank representative.
  • In case the cardholder is unavailable to answer the call, Metrobank will send an SMS with instructions on how to contact them at the cardholder’s most convenient time.


  • For a more convenient digital banking experience, M Connect also offers self-service options that are available online. Principal cardholders can simply access the link sent through SMS, Viber, and email messages.

All calls, text messages, and emails will be initiated by Metrobank using the contact details below and will state for whom the message is intended. These channels have been secured by Metrobank to ensure a better connection for you:

  • Call: (02) 53222392 or +63253222392
  • SMS: Sender will appear as MCC or 22565623 (for Globe users) or 46820108 (for SMART users)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Viber: Metrobank Advisory

NEW! Website page: Links are unique per cardholder, but all URLs will begin with