Metrobank credit Mastercard cardholders, both principal and supplementary, have been enrolled to the Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) from December 4, 2020. This service reduces the possibility of declined transactions due to account changes such as upgrades, or issuance of new, renewed, or replaced cards.

The ABU will allow seamless and hassle-free automated updating of your recurring bills, automated payments, or card-on-file transactions such as your accounts for:

  • Streaming (e.g. Netflix, Spotify)
  • E-commerce or shopping (e.g. Amazon, Apple Store, Google, Agoda)
  • Memberships (e.g. Fitness First)
  • Transportation and Travel (e.g. Grab)

Here’s a list of what you need to know:

  • What is the Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU)?
      ABU is a new service of Mastercard that helps you avoid transaction declines due to changes in card number or card expiry dates. This will allow secure sharing of information with participating merchants about changes to your credit card number and card expiry for your card-on-file transactions, recurring bills, and automated payments; and is consistent with Metrobank's Credit Card Terms and Conditions.
  • Why was my credit card automatically enrolled?
      Mastercard has mandated that all issuers are to enroll existing cardholders to ABU free of charge for this service.
  • How does this affect me?
      The ABU is meant to ensure seamless processing of transactions from card on file and recurring merchants. This is especially useful should the cardholder fail to update his or her credit card recurring payment details (new card number and/or expiry date) due to card replacements, renewals, and/or card upgrades.
  • What are some examples of payments covered by the ABU?
      • Card-on-file transactions. These are payments where you once saved your card number with a merchant so you can reuse it seamlessly for future purchases. Examples include: Amazon, Apple Store, Google, Agoda, Grab, etc.
      • Recurring and automated payments. These are payment where you may have enrolled your credit card with a merchant so they can charge your card periodically. Examples include: Netflix, Spotify, Fitness First, etc.
  • How does the Mastercard ABU service work?
      Through ABU, Mastercard requires issuers to securely provide them the changes in the card number and expiration date of its cardholders, and such changes are made visible to ABU participating merchants, who in turn may use the updated records in processing the transactions. This process assures cardholders of seamless transactions and prevents unnecessary declines.
  • Will all my card-on-file, recurring, and automated payments be automatically updated under the ABU?
      Whereas the service is made available by Mastercard, it is never mandated for all cards on file and recurring merchants. Plus, if the merchant does not participate in ABU, then the changes will not be considered during transaction processing. Thus, it is still best to update all your cards on file and recurring payment records.
  • Why and when will my credit card details change?
      Your card details may change due to any of the following:
      • Card replacements due to lost, defective cards, and changes in card embossing details.
      • Card upgrades or conversions
      • Card Renewals (any change in card expiry date is considered a renewal)
  • Are my supplementary credit cards affected?
      All Mastercard credit cards of Metrobank have been enrolled to ABU.
  • Can I opt-out of the Mastercard ABU?
      Yes, we can process an opt out. Note that once we opt you out, there is a possibility that you may be declined on your recurring transactions if you fail to update your records with the Merchant of your new card details.